First Responder Wellness

2024 First Responder Wellness and Resiliance Conference

The Daily Practice of Physical, Mental, Emotional, 
and Spiritual Wellness

Presented by

Questhaven Nature Preserve and Spiritual Retreat Center
20560 Questhaven Rd., San Marcos, CA 92078
Dan Willis (619) 889-0456 / Email:


Conference Flier – (Download)    *Limited availability – Register early to ensure placement*
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Friday – Sunday, April 12-14, 2024 

10% discount for registration before February 15, 2024

Full weekend registration – all training, food, and lodging – $249.00 (includes access to the Bulletproof Spirit online 4-hrs. course valued at $125)

Day Use Only – Training, all food, No lodging – $99.00

*Note: Food will be provided – however, if you have any special food needs or dietary restrictions, there is a communal full kitchen for you to bring and prepare your own meals

Conference includes:

  • Training classes – Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness and resilience – with an emphasis on spiritual wellness…Heart-centered, compassionate, selfless service in doing the most good while remaining connected and engaged with life to maintain peace, recover, and heal from work traumas.
  • Nature hikes on Questhaven’s 8 miles of meditative nature trails (Value of nature and the spiritual in attaining peace)
  • Experiential Wellness – Spiritual Healing workshops to release stress, anxieties, and muscle tension:
  • Sacral Cranium Therapy (a gentle, hands-on technique used on the skull and spine to promote pain relief by decreasing tension and anxiety)
  • HeartMath Meditation and Biofeedback – (A heart-centered breathing meditation to relieve anxieties used to enable the heart, mind, and body to optimally function)
  • Pranic (energy) Healing (No-touch healing energy practice to accelerate the body’s innate ability to heal itself – to relieve anxieties, stress, and tension)
  • Acupressure / Acupuncture (Manual therapy technique to relieve muscle tension, anxiety, pain / Stimulation of sensory nerves in the skin and muscles)
  • Meditation Station (Guided 15-minute meditation / centered-deep breathing, stillness, while focused on strong positive emotions of love, gratitude, and peace)
  • Writing exercise (Goals / Thanksgiving list / physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellness practices)

Conference Facilitators

Facilitated by Police Captain Dan Willis (ret) – International instructor on Trauma Recovery, Resilience, and Wellness. Capt. Willis is author of the emotional survival and wellness guidebook Bulletproof Spirit: The First Responders Essential Resource for Protecting and Healing Mind and Heart, which is required reading at the FBI National Academy. Capt. Willis has trained over 11,000 first responders in 40 states and 5 countries.

Catherine Butler, Ph.D – LMFT – First Responder Trauma Specialist / EMDR certified

Dr. Hollis King, UCSD, Osteopathic Medical Practitioner / Trainer, Sacral Cranium Therapy

Dr. Melinda Nevins, Scripps Health – Homeopathy , Sacral Cranium Therapy

Anthony Chadwell, Homeopathy, The Chadwell Method – Sacral Cranium Therapy

Robert Rohlmeier, Acupressure – Acupuncture Specialist of 20 years / Qi Gong practitioner / HeartMath practitioner

Miara WillisPilates Instructor of 20 years and Pranic Healing practitioner

Questhaven Retreat is a 655-acre nature preserve and spiritual retreat center in northern San Diego County with rolling hills of chaparral, oak, and pine trees – guest cottages and meeting hall – with 8 miles of hiking trails with views of the ocean and Laguna Mountains. Since 1940 Questhaven has been a place of healing, peace, and renewal.


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